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About Us

Ole’ Orleans is a collection of well-balanced wines with a luxurious, delicate, and lingering finish. Since 2018, Ole’ Orleans Wines has produced some of the finest wines in the market. We are passionate about serving our clientele with the great taste and quality they have come to expect. Based in the City of New Orleans, the company infused its Creole and Cajun roots, creating a pool of well-balanced wines that are perfect for any occasion.

We source all of our grapes/juice from vineyards in Louisiana, California and Texas. We work closely with the vineyard owners as they select the best grapes for our wines.

We are proud to have produce award winning Reds, Whites, Semi-Sweet, Rose and Ports.

The overall idea? To create history in a bottle while drinking to new memories! "We create an end-to-end experience, where visitors can visit our facility... taste our wines, see our production process, and buy their favorite bottles to take home."



Wine Tastings